About Us

What is Sapphire Professional? 

Sapphire Professional is an online store and sister brand to Australia’s premium mobile hair and makeup service, Sapphire Makeup & Hair Creations.

Sapphire is Australia’s leading team of professional hair and makeup artists in 9 regions and growing. Through the increasing demand of our valued customers, we decided to bring out a simple small range of quality hair and makeup products that can easily be enjoyed at home.

What do we do? 

Sapphire Professional is an extension of the caring culture that the Sapphire MHC brand has built over 10 years of operation. We are experienced professionals in the world of hair and makeup and thought it was about time we shared our incredible products and knowledge with everyone! Sapphire Professional is about generating confidence for people of all walks of life. We help you achieve your desired look through our small, intimate range which consists of what we consider your makeup and hair ‘necessities’.

Keeping it simple is key! You don’t need every product in the world to look and feel amazing for your occasion.

We proudly only work alongside Australian born and bred brands who share our passion for cruelty- free, premium hair and makeup products. We know our suppliers, we love our suppliers and in particular what they stand for in the beauty industry.  

Why do we do it? 

Beauty is not defined by how much money is spent on products or by the age of the person wearing it! We think everyone deserves to feel incredible and we love the thought of using professional, animal friendly quality products on our customers. But our service therefore does not need to stop there, we want our customers to be able to take home the lippies they love, purchase those luscious lashes and use their ‘brow power’ anytime of the day or night. For us, it is about empowering you as the customer and giving you the freedom to either enjoy the Sapphire experience on your own or having our friendly hair/ makeup experts to do it for you. 

Who is behind Sapphire Professional? 

In early 2017, professional hairdresser and makeup artist Julie Bryan decided to offer her clients an extra ‘take home’ service as an extension to her mobile hair and makeup company, Sapphire Makeup & Hair Creations who service clients all around Australia.

What started out as a small range to ensure consistency within the Sapphire MHC team, has extended to many leading industry hair and makeup artists using and loving our products all over the country. Not to mention our hundreds of clients every year enjoying the benefits of the Sapphire Professional range at a VIP rate.

Why you will love Sapphire Professional

  • 100% Australian-owned and operated.
  • Supporting fellow Australian brands and Industry Professionals
  • Free Postage on orders over $50.
  • Sign up for access to gifts and promotions.
  • Special offers if you are a Sapphire MHC loyal customer
  • Exclusive Industry Discount Offers*