Garbo & Kelly Femme Fatale Duo Eyeliner- Black

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Femme Fatale Duo Eyeliner

This is a dual ended, state-of-the-art, eyeliner with vegan lash
growing serum. 2 shades available: Back to Black and Jackie Brown (not yet in stock).
This state-of-the-art dual ended eyeliner can be used on top of
eyeshadow for winged effects. The quill pen side is also injected
with vegan lash growing serum for seductive looks. Use between 4-6
weeks to see your lashes become dense, lush and long. On the other
end is a retractable kohl pencil which can be used around the eye
and the inner tear duct for spell binding smokey looks.
Always leave caps on to avoid product drying up.

Tips and Tricks
• Draw a dot where you would like your wing to finish.
• For a Femme fatale flick hold the skin above your eye taut for a
smoother, more precise line.
• For a smokey eye draw a line halfway across your lower lash line.
Extend outwards past the edge, angling it up towards the tail
of your eyebrow. On the top of your eye draw a line gradually
thickening to your desired result.

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